REAL emotions

You’re here looking for a talented photographer to take great photos for you. You want the genuine you, not fake expressions or forced moments. Every time you look at your photographs you want to be reminded of how amazing that day was and to relive those special feelings. And you want someone that has a passion for their craft, who will listen to all your desires, respect you and your guests, and most important of all who will make the whole process light-hearted and fun.


Spoil yourself

You want great photographs but don’t want to second mortgage your house to pay for them? The hell you say! Well rest easy my new friend. While the photographs will indeed be superb, the pricing will leave you smiling even wider. How is this possible you ask? Magic!


GENUINE beautiful you

Treat yourself to a personalized and fun two hour Engagement session. Have a special location in mind? A theme? Wardrobe changes? It’s my pleasure to make it all work. The top priority is for you to be fully satisfied and have great looking photographs to commemorate this special occasion. And if you choose me as your Wedding photographer this will give you an opportunity to get to know me, help me understand your stylistic taste better, and for you to feel that much more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day. It’s a win-win-win!


A true reflection OF THE DAY

It’s finally your Wedding day and I will travel far and wide to capture it in all it’s beauty and genuine emotion. I will personalize my services to you. Your style. Your personality. Your expectations. I want you to be absolutely smitten with your photographs. Remembering isn’t enough, I want you to relive your story. Every precious memory and feeling.


Capturing THE MOMENT

Your life’s moments are unique and precious. Memories will fade, but photographs will last a lifetime and beyond. Whether it’s a birthday, a coming of age ceremony, a life milestone… I can help you capture it forever in all it’s emotion packed beauty.



If you are looking for portraits that scream internet stalker or crazy cat lady then you have come to the wrong place. I want you to look your best. Whether it’s a business profile, you are looking to attract that special someone via online dating, or just want some great shots of you or your family… I’m your man. Well unless it’s Halloween… in which case I’m your Wookie. But enough said about that…